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Phoenix Solar Limited are professional and experienced MCS Accredited Installers, that have been within the Solar Industry for over 15 years. It prides itself on the services that they can offer to it's customers. By having a wealth of knowledge in the Heating, Plumbing and Gas Industry for over 25 years, we have been our customer's first point of call when considering making any changes to their homes or businesses.

Offering a first class service from start to finish, each customer is very personal to us, which results in future recommendations.

What makes us different to other companies, and why should you choose Phoenix Solar Ltd?

From the moment you make contact with us, you will begin your solar experience, and we ensure that you will not be disappointed. From the moment we take your enquiry, we will listen to what your requirements are and will arrange for a convenient time to see you, we usually start from 7.30 am, yes 7.30a.m!

We will have all the information for you and we can answer any questions about Solar. We don't and won't blind you with science, and we keep it to the facts about the benefits and savings that you can achieve.

Our Services

Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Electric or Solar PV's, Solar for swimming pools, Gas Central Heating Updates, High, Efficiency Boilers, Oil Boilers and Electric Boilers.

Why Solar?

There has never been a better time to invest, due to high gas and electricity prices, will continue to grow. As the cost of energy increases, so too will the cost of materials, therefore it is more beneficial to make the change sooner rather than later.

Solar PV

Solar Electric/photovoltaic (PV) are Solar Panels that produce electricity from daylight. 'Photo' refers to the light and 'voltaic' to electricity.

The panels are mounted on the roof ideally southerly facing, and a small inverter will be installed in your home, which allows you to see how the system is performing.

You will be able to generate up to 100% of your own electricity, depending on your consumption and your choice of system size.

Now is the time to invest your money productively and get the return from it that you would expect.

Solar Hot Water

There are a variety of products available on the market, and we have tried and tested them over the years. Our main aim through our research is to ensure that our customer receives the best products available and that is why we install the Heat Pipe Solar Thermal Collectors.

The Solar Panels that we use are from a world leader in the design and manufacture of the Solar Thermal collectors.

The unique design of the advanced vacuum tube provides hot water in all seasons and their performance is up to 30% more effective than a flat plate. Solar Hot water is typically installed on a southerly facing roof, we have also installed them on the gable end for customers, to optimise their efficiencies. We install this product to achieve a faster payback for our customers, as know that this is important to them, when considering Solar. On average a solar hot water system provides up to 70% of your annual hot water needs. It works from dawn till dusk, throughout the year. Having a Solar Hot Water System means that there is less of a reliance on your boiler, therefore extending it's life, an additional bonus for installing Solar. You will get more life from your Solar Hot Water System than most boilers, and they are maintenance free.

A collector consists of a row of tubes and a highly insulated water manifold. Inside the collector are two tubes, one that goes into the hot water tank and the other is situated in the heat pipe.

The heat pipes that we install are far superior as a conductor, which enables the heat transfer method to be second to none. They are tested to extremes and are ISO 9001 Solar Keymark Approved.

You will require a specially designed Solar Cylinder, which is tailored to your requirements depending on what system you have installed, this acts as the heat exchanger.

The Sunspeed model is fully insulated, CFC free, non combustible and is outstanding in performance. The collected heat is then sent by a Divicon pump/ diverter control unit to the bottom of the cylinder.


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